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    PRIME Tomahawk Ribeye


    Tomahawk Ribeye
    U.S.D.A Certified Prime Angus Beef

    Our American Butcher PRIME steaks are the highest quality USDA Certified Prime steaks you can buy. 

    The King of Steaks! This Giant Ribeye will make you feel like you're home on the range. We've left the rib bone in place so this Tomahawk steak will look monumental on the grill or on a serving platter.

    Here's a spectacular steak that will steal the show at your next backyard barbecue! Our Tomahawk Steak is a bone-in prime ribeye large enough to serve two or three. This rib steak is graded USDA Prime so it features the highest level of marbling available for rich, full-bodied flavor.

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